Ten days as a Vermonter

Ten days since I moved to New Haven, VT. Here are some highlights:

  • I met Bernie Sanders at a diner near Burlington! This happened on my first weekend in the state and it felt too good to be true. I was out to breakfast with Anna and Elizabeth, family friends of the Schweppes. Then a white-haired, surprisingly tall, familiar face walked in and sat in another booth a few away from ours. Everyone else was too nervous, but I got up to shake his hand as he left.
  • New job! I did one trial shift at a restaurant in town but didn’t like it much. So I called back a few of the places where I had dropped off resumes. A few days later I was hired at a neat place called Two Brothers Tavern, right in downtown Middlebury. It’s famous for an extensive draft list and a fantastic cheddar ale soup. So far I really like working there. It’s a bit less intense than my last serving job at Buttonwood in Lahaska, and everyone is very welcoming and helpful.
  • Eating dinner on the back porch almost every evening. Aunt Sue is a very good cook, and we’ve been eating delicious food with a view of the waterfall. Hard to beat a summer like this.
  • Mink sightings! This probably deserves its own post, but I spotted a mink fishing on the opposite bank of the river and then watched it long enough to figure out that it lives in a nest among some large branches just before the waterfall. This morning I spotted a mink on the branches and Uncle Scott got out the binoculars. Turns out it is a mother with kits. Now we know there is a family of mink living about 50 meters from the house. I did some research on minks and they are fascinating creatures. Stay tuned for more.
  • Tinder with Aunt Sue and Jen. Jen and I both downloaded the dating app Tinder and Aunt Sue is very enthusiastic about it. Uncle Scott less so. Last night she used the app on my phone to choose local men for me, an uncomfortable but highly amusing situation.

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