Living alone

So I caved. I ended up renting the beautiful, but too expensive apartment in Laureles. I feel very safe with 24 hour security and living on a beautiful street near the park. But that means I’m also living alone for the first time in my life.

I’ve been here for nearly three months now (sorry it took so long to post this) and I’m adjusting slowly but happily to the new situation.

The apartment has three bedrooms, but the owner now lives back in his home country Belgium and has been unable to rent to anyone except for me. This means though I only have access to the one bedroom, the rest of the place all mine. A big (too big) white kitchen and spare living room, a modern bathroom, a balcony and a bedroom with a closet and queen size bed.

I’ve bought a few of my own appliances and home comforts to make my temporary home feel a little more comfortable and mine. I bought a coffee maker and a toaster oven for the kitchen, a new broom, a hook for my towel in the bathroom, hangers for my clothes, sheets and a blanket, and a few extra pans and knives to cook with. The biggest investment I made was an Ikea-style desk with three drawers and a comfortable pleather office chair with wheels. Together the two purchases cost me about $130 USD, a bit expensive for 4 months of use, but I hope to sell them to either my landlord or a future tenant when I leave. It’s a nice desk and it fits perfectly into the alcove of the room. I lined up all my books on one end of the desk and filled the three drawers with my various electronic chargers, writing and drawing implements, and all the odds and ends of my life.

I enjoy living on my own. I can stay up late and listen to music or podcasts in the kitchen without bothering anyone. I can cook smelly things like broccoli and shrimp and mushrooms and no one turns up their nose. I can walk around in my underwear, go a whole day without brushing my hair. There are many things I loathe about adulthood, but the small freedoms of living alone is not one of them.

Things I miss are the comforts of having someone reliably there to talk to. And having somebody’s quick advice on an outfit before going out. I miss sharing meals or a few beers with a flatmate. There’s no tv here, but if there were one I’m sure it would be lonely to watch alone. But on the whole, I think I prefer living alone. It’s enjoyable to have a space all my own.

Check out this Death, Sex & Money episode about living alone.

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