Apartment search continued

Proudly, I told my dad I had found a permanent room last Sunday. “It has a huge modern kitchen and I’ll have the apartment mostly to myself,” I said. But when I went to withdraw the money for the first month’s rent and a down payment, I had a sinking feeling in my stomach about the price. Was it really worth the money for the lovely kitchen? After all, my salary isn’t that big and I’ll need my saving when the next adventure calls.

So I started the search over again on Monday. The first place was $900,000 a month, around $315 USD at the current rate. I think somewhere around $600,000 ($200 USD) would be a bit more comfortable. I made a new search profile on CompartoApto and scrolled through the listings again. I’ve slightly lowered my standards and broadened the area where I’ll consider living.

I sent a few messages out, expressing interest in the listing and included my whatsapp number. My phone has been buzzing nearly constantly with offers, most of which do not meet my search description. But I did go to see something that I liked today.

It’s in Laureles, but very close to Floresta station, which is where the office is for the startup I work for currently. It’s a cozy little bedroom with a desk, a big window by the bed, and a built-in closet. I’d share a bathroom with one other room. There’s a balcony with a hammock, a gathering space with a couch, an office, and a big kitchen. Upstairs there is a little nook with another couch and bookshelves. And, perhaps best of all, there is a rooftop patio with tables and chairs and lots of little plants.

The apartment is owned by a French expat and his Colombian girlfriend. The two other bedrooms belong to another Frenchman and an American. It’s a little further than I’d like from a grocery store, but there is a lovely walking path very close by, and it’s less than a 3 minute walk to the metro, so I’d be much more in touch with the city. More than some of the other places I visited, I really liked the apartment and got a good feeling about it. The only problem is that it won’t be available until two weeks after I’ll need it. But I think those two weeks may be a good opportunity to go out and stay in another part of the city, just to try it out.


So, apartment situation is still unresolved. But I’m getting just a little bit closer to figuring this all out.

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