Here comes the rain

The rain is back.

Specifically it returned on April 18th in a torrential downpour that flooded the streets and turned the dusty and dry earth into mud. I was away from Cartagena at a professional-development meeting in Barranquilla. When I returned there were some streets that ran like rivers and others with water sitting like the PA Delaware Canal.

It hadn’t rained in months, and now it’s rained nearly everyday since the day it returned. In January and February we had lovely breezes and it was almost cool enough for a jacket at night. But now the humidity and full heat are back. My friend Emily joked that she had forgotten about how bad it was until her hair frizzed up. Time for more hair products!

I’ve been here nearly a year and experienced the full range of “seasons” (rainy and dry) and I must say my favorite is breezy January. Though I do love the way the pressure drops and the cool air comes back for just the half hour before a storm starts.

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