I’ll be home for Christmas

you can count on me….

Christmas break in the USA

Thank goodness for cheap flights! I flew direct from Cartagena to New York City for under $200 USD. What a treat to be with my family over the holidays.

Besides the holiday festivities, I was able to see a few local friends and spend lots of time with my dog Molly. We also went to the Poconos with some treasured family friends despite there being no snow to ski on. This year was a shockingly warm Christmas, over 70 degrees!’

The travel plans begin

I spent a considerable amount of time planning for my January travels, but I was still pretty nervous to set out. My childhood best friend Jen and I spent the day with her parents in New York City before flying to Cartagena. We relaxed after being so stressed about packing and had the most fabulous dinner in an Italian restaurant in Manhattan.


Aunt Sue and Uncle Scott in Manhattan, Jan. 2 2016

Once we arrived in Cartagena and spent time with my host family, Jen and I would meet up with my friend Autumn. Our itinerary included Santa Marta, Tayrona, San Gil, the Amazon, and Bogota. A lot to do in just 3 weeks!

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