John F. Kennedy Graduation

Congratulations class of 2015!

The Colombian school year runs from January until December. By the end of my first semester teaching at John F. Kennedy it was time to say goodbye to my eleventh grade students.


The graduation ceremony was held in the convention center in the historic center of the city. I was glad to finally have an excuse to see the inside of that amazing place. It’s gorgeous from the outside with huge pegasus statues and a stately line of palm trees.


Ana and Michelle giving an address to the students and faculty.

Of course, the ceremony began a bit late, but when the music finally started playing and the students walked into the room in a big line of caps and gowns, I felt myself getting choked up. All the memories of my own graduations came flooding back and I felt so proud to witness this one. The eleventh graders touched my life more than any other group of students, really taking me under their wing to teach me Spanish and show me around the school. During breaks between classes it was them who I spent the most time with, listening to pop music and talking about local gossip. It was rather sad to realized I wouldn’t have them in my classroom again.

img_3828 Michelle, Valeria, and I after her graduation. I am so proud of these girls!

The weekend after the actual ceremony I was invited to the graduation party of Michelle and Valeria, two of my favorite students. I was honored to be invited and it was a treat to meet their families. Here are some photos from the gathering:

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