Día de la Inmaculada Concepción

Day of the Immaculate Conceptio

For months friends told me that this holiday is the most beautiful one in Cartagena, and I have to say that they’re right.

We woke up at 3am to drink hot cocoa and add our candles to the spectacular display in our neighborhood and all over the city. In front of almost every home candles are lined up on the curbs or the edge of the front porch. As I gazed down my street, there were little white lights running in a line as fast as I could see.


778e7-manuelamanuela Manuela lights and places the candles in front of our home.

The holiday officially celebrates the day the Virgin Mary conceived of baby Jesus. At first I was confused, the conception celebration is just a few weeks, not months, before Christmas. But it turns out Catholics celebrate the birth of Jesus twice, once in September and again on Christmas. Who knew?

img_3745Candles burning down as the sun rises

I walked around the neighborhood to take in the view as the sun rose. What a beautiful tradition.

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