Talent Show

Happy Birthday Institucion Educativa John F. Kennedy! 

My birthday was on Monday, the 24th, and it turns out the school I work at shares the same one. We celebrated on Wednesday with a beauty pageant, an idea I found at first to be a little bit shocking. I can’t imagine a school in the US that would host a pageant, it’s so contrary to the ideals of inner beauty schools are always trying to promote. But I remind myself, as I do everyday, I’m not in the US. I’m here in another country to learn their culture. And boy did I learn something at this pageant. I didn’t only watch it, I was one of the three judges!

The pageant consisted of 3 parts: the beauty, style and charisma part in which the girls mostly modeled sportswear and walked around the main courtyard of the school. The talent part which was mostly dancing, but included two songs and a two poems. The third part was the gala, where the girls showed off their prettiest dresses. I took a ton of photos and video, you can see more of them on my photos page.

Edited some of my video footage into a little music video. The song is Fiesta by Bomba Estereo. Enjoy!

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