A party for Caroline

My little sister Caroline, the youngest in our family, is graduating from high school on Tuesday. So my Dad threw her a graduation party in our backyard yesterday. We have all been talking about this party for months, especially over the last few weeks. Endless lists of food, drinks, decorations and supplies, we even enlisted the help of pro-party-planner Mrs. Powell.

When the day (finally!) came, the whole family was up early in the morning to start arranging everything in the yard. We had two small tents that each shaded a long table and chairs, another table on the patio under an umbrella, plus a few lawn chairs under the olive tree. There was a volleyball net, lawn games, and two tables loaded with food. The most popular items were the Chick-fil-a platter, the summer spinach salad, watermelon slices, mac and cheese, and the soft pretzels. And now we have so much left over!



I really love hosting parties, it’s a great feeling to host everyone I love in my own backyard. I was so proud of our decorations and our house, I don’t think I’ve been so happy in a long time. After a while I was self conscious of talking about my upcoming trip, but I understand that people only ask because they are curious and they care about me. It reminds me of the summer before I went to college, saying the same words over and over about my new school, where it was and what I’d be studying there.

After most of the people had left, many of them off to other graduation parties, the few stragglers enjoyed a fire and s’mores. I talked with an old friend of my mother’s and watched the clouds turn pink and purple. Sad the party was over but exhausted from so much socializing, I retreated to my room to watch another episode of Orange is the New Black. 

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